My Bad…I’m Baaaack!

So I have been a little MIA on this the last couple weeks. I am going through another big life change, I have decided to move back to my hometown. Which makes my soul so happy but means for a lot of adulating lately. Big things like selling my home in Chicago, moving stuff up to Appleton to my temporary spot, getting things updated and financials for buying a new house as well. Moving is so much work, I have counted and I have moved 9 times in the like 11 years!! Oh my goodness!! I should have stock in U-Haul. A couple big moves across country and some within the same city. But I am happy to say I am ready to settle down and plant some roots. Even though I said that last time moving to Chicago 😉 I think thats because I thought I would really fall in love in and with Chicago. I managed both I think. But unfortunately you fall out of love with things and places and people. It’s time to move on and start a new fresh in a familiar town. I have started the move and thank God for family!!! My parents, I seriously will never know how to thank them enough! I am bought them lunch and dinner and thanked them like 100 times but I still feel its not good enough. Secondly to my sister and brother-in-law for letting me crash in their basement until things fall into place and I have my own spot. Things are moving and grooving all into place. And seriously thank you JESUS!! I have been praying for hope and peace and something to fall into place to feel at home. It all is.

So if anyone is looking for an adorable home in Chicago, check out my house that is for sale! Its a super awesome house in Portage Park area of Chicago, such an awesome area near the city.

By the way, the ASAP Skinny Tea is getting me through these crazy morning and nights. I love the Morning Boost. It totally gets me energized and doesn’t make me feel awake and to get my day going. I really really like the Evening Detox. With moving my meals haven’t been the best so the detox totally helps me not feel bloated and I can honestly tell a difference. My pants are fitting a little looser and I feel all-around better. So if your thinking of buying the teas just do it!! Definitely get the cup that comes with it too!! Its so awesome. You just put a spoonful of tea leaves at the bottom and put the hot water in and there is a little strainer to stop the tea leaves when you drink it. I have been making sure to have it all handy wherever I am laying my head at night.

Links below for my house & the ASAP Skinny Tea:,-87.767587,41.959984,-87.796898_rect/14_zm/?view=public





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