Patience is a virtue πŸ™πŸΌ

Patience is sometimes not an easy trait to come by. Patience is hard to learn, hard to keep, hard to teach. I feel as if God teaches patience in the most opportune times. Man, have I been learning patience lately. Patience in selling a home. Patience in starting a new career. Patience in finding a new home. Patience in starting a new lifestyle. Patience in a small town versus a big city. I have always been patient but also a very impatient person. Patient with family, friends, coworkers, customers and supervisors. Impatient when I make decisions or when I have to wait. I have learned an all new level of patience with the process of selling a house. Thank goodness my realtors are amazing and have patience with me. I ask so many questions and am so curious about everything. I am not sure about anyone else, but after renting for 10 years, being able to sign a lease and move in on a certain day, move out on a certain day and it be all done. When selling a house and a loan/mortgage involved it is so much more complicated. Paperwork and decisions. So much talk about money, credit scores, bills and other expenses. It all counts when you are buying a house or trying to get a loan. It is all hard work and frankly exhausting. My mind is somedays just a mess trying to find all the paperwork needed and scratching my head thinking of all the questions to be answered. A rollercoaster of emotions as well. I pray God continues to give me patience on a daily basis. Pray in the hard times but even more in the good times. 

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